Why is it important to use organic products?

Recently, organic products are becoming very popular as they do not contain chemical adulterants and are skin and environment-friendly.

So, organic products become more varied to meet customer needs.

Why is it important to use organic products?

The skin can absorb substances applied on the skin up to 60%. The substances will accumulate in the body and bloodstream, resulting in other skin problems and diseases. So, choosing gentle and safe skincare is very necessary.

Reasons why using organic products are as follows:

  1. They contain organic substances which all are natural extracts without any chemicals process from planting to extraction.
  2. They are safe and have no chemicals. Organic products will not leave any residue that could cause skin diseases.
  3. Not tested on animals and environment-friendly. Organic skincare ingredients are cultivated organically, causing no release of chemicals into the air and water. So, they have less impact on the environment.

Organic products can be easily noticed by the ‘ECOCERT’ sign. It is a standard symbol for organic and natural cosmetics as they are all tested for ingredients, production process, packing, quality, and safety.

There is also a ‘Cosmos Organic’ sign, the most accepted guarantee for organic cosmetics and all organic skincare worldwide. The products will be tested strictly from ingredients, production, storage, transportation, and environmentally friendly packaging processes.

So, it is best to switch to using organic products for your healthy skin and environment preservation.


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