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If you don’t like applying sunscreen as it feels heavy on your face, please try My Dear Mom sunscreen. Two knuckles won’t be sticky.

Are you discouraged when the sunscreen is too sticky on your face during the day? So, you are in a bad mood. Today we would recommend a good product that we can ensure the problem you are facing will be relieved. My Dear Mom Organic Sunscreen Essence SPF50 PA+++, it is a product of My […]

Let’s take a look at the important ingredients of My Dear Mom

Knock knock, is anyone here? Because today, My Dear Mom has good information to present to you. What we like to say is that organic products are organic. Is it true or not? Today, we plan to take everyone to see the important ingredients of our products individually. If you’re ready, let’s take a look. […]

Hazardous substances in skincare and cosmetics

Cosmetic or skincare products that contain high levels of chemicals, such as perfumes, nail polish, nail polish remover, skin lotion, antibacterial soap, etc., can have a negative effect on both female and male fertility. Apart from nail polish, phthalates are also found in perfumes, shampoos, conditioners, skin lotions, and household cleaning products such as floor […]

How important is sunscreen to gel nails?

Girls who enjoy getting a manicure often, do you know that your “nails” need good care as well? Because the process of doing gel nails uses a gel dryer with UV rays to make the applied color last on your nails longer. Therefore, sunscreen with SPF30 or higher should be applied to the hands before […]

Is it true that washing your hair with warm or hot water causes hair loss?

Misconception about hair care People often make up their own beliefs or even gain one from people around them. Today, we have a popular misconception. And let us tell you the reason why this is so. Is it true that washing your hair with warm or hot water causes hair loss? Everyone probably thinks it’s […]

Even indoors, you can be exposed to UV!

Staying under the shade, the skin will not be harmed is the belief that people often misunderstand. In fact, lying under the shade or even under a tree to escape the sun still cannot protect the skin from sunlight. It’s not true at all. Because the skin can burn even indoors. This depends on the […]

Can using a laser comb really help your hair become thick and black again?

Answer: Yes, it can! Laser Comb is a treatment for hair loss and thin hair using a low energy laser. It helps stimulate the function of hair follicle cells, causing new hair and helps solve the problem of thin hair and hair loss caused by genetics. It is considered a safe device and is often […]

Nourish your skin regularly. Stay away from stretch marks.

Stretch marks on the skin are caused by the rapid expansion of the body while the skin cannot keep up with the stretching due to a lack of protein or collagen. Of course, anyone, any gender, any age can have this problem. So don’t worry. If it can happen, it can also be healed by […]

How do you wash your hair? Which posture is suitable for you?

Washing your hair is considered to be another activity that is very important in maintaining the cleanliness of the head. But have you ever wondered if normally when washing your hair, do you have to “face down” or “face up”? And for these two postures of hair washing, which one is better? Today, let’s find […]

Dry mouth during pregnancy

Dry mouth, or Xerostomia, is caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy, causing the chemistry in the mother’s body to change. It can occur as a side effect of certain medications, dehydration, licking of the lips, or even an increased metabolic rate in pregnant women which is greater than normal people. These can also be causes […]