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Using sunscreen with high level of SPF doesn’t mean you don’t need to reapply it during the day

In fact, “There is no sunscreen that protects the skin 100%, even though it claims to protect the sun all day long. It should be reapplied during the day when exposed to direct sunlight. Being in the sun all day is not a good thing, even after applying sunscreen. The sunscreen can only delay DNA […]

Take care of new moms after first breast-pumping

As a new mother, you should not miss pumping breast milk during the first time period when the milk has just begun to flow. The first milk is also known as colostrum. Colostrum is dark yellow in appearance which will flow out only in the first 1 – 3 days after birth. It is the […]

Leaving conditioner in your hair overnight for better nourishment!!

Leaving conditioner in your hair helps nourish hair to be soft and moisturized. How much the cream will absorb into the hair depends on the time it takes. Leaving the hair conditioner overnight will allow the hair to absorb nutrients with maximum efficiency. Because some types of hair conditioner take hours to absorb into the […]

Why should you select My Dear Mom sunscreen?

Sunlight is the cause of skin damage that causes the skin to age and wrinkle prematurely. If exposed to sunlight for a long time, it may increase the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, applying facial sunscreen is not too late to start now. To protect and slow down the skin so that it doesn’t look […]

The longer your hair, the more you need to take care of it

When you want to have long hair, there is something that must always be considered is the “hair loss problem”. Because the longer the hair, the more hair will fall out and you will see your hair falling a lot. Today, My Dear Mom has a good solution for ladies with long hair and people […]

If you have acne around the mouth, you’d better change your lip balm urgently.

“Acne around the mouth” is a common skin disorder found in Pilosebaceous Unit, which these skin problems are called “Acne Vulgaris”. The acne can be found in many parts of the mouth, such as acne at the corners of the mouth, acne under the mouth, acne around the mouth and chin, etc. However, even though […]

Let’s get to know more about “Steroids”

Steroids are a kind of hormone produced by the body. It helps in anti-inflammatory, water and mineral balance control, or immune system suppression.  And in medicine, synthetic steroids have been invented to help fight inflammation in the body, which is effective, but there are also side effects, such as making the skin pale and thin […]

How to reduce Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic Dermatitis is a scalp disease caused by inflammation of the skin on the head. Or it may be caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands under the skin of the head. Seborrheic Dermatitis is a chronic condition. If stimulated, symptoms can occur again. This is considered a symptom that affects daily life. Seborrheic Dermatitis […]

A gentle lip and nipple balm rich in natural extracts

My Dear Mom Nourishing Balm, a balm for lips, nipples, and other dry areas. It helps nourish delicate skin to be moisturized, soft, and not dry. With Food Grade standards, it can be used as a lip balm for mothers and babies. You can apply it before breastfeeding! It is safe and rich in more […]