How to wash hair to be less greasy!

Do you have to wash your hair everyday because they are too greasy? Just stepping out of the house makes the hair so oily!

Do not let your greasy hair destroy your confidence! Today we’ll share the tips on how to wash hair to be less greasy. So easy and simple. Let’s see.

  • Step 1 Washing your hair with shampoo:

First wash
– Soak your hair. Use a little shampoo to wash off dirtiness

Second wash
Use more shampoo. Focus on the scalp and the hair root.


Third wash
– Use little shampoo. Wash your hair from the hair root to the hair tip.

Step 2 Nourishing your hair with conditioner:

  • Apply the conditioner from the middle of the hair to the hair tip only.

Apart from the washing step, choosing shampoo and conditioner suitable for your scalp and hair is also necessary. Use products that do not contain oil and silicone. Though these substances make your hair smooth, in contrast, they make your hair oily and greasy.


So, if you wash your hair properly and use a gentle product that does not contain harmful chemicals, you can say goodbye to your greasy hair.


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