No more worry about dry and peeling breast skin by using My Dear Mom Organic Breast Cream

Dry and peeling skin does not happen only on the face and body. It also happens around the breast area and most women usually ignore this problem.

Dry and peeling skin is due to the transepidermal water loss, causing dryness and dry flaking. If it’s not treated, it can lead to itchiness and irritation that are difficult to cure.

To get rid of dry and peeling skin, you should regularly nourish and take care of the skin by using My Dear Mom Organic Breast Cream, a product that selects the best natural extracts, especially for women. 

With a combination of deep nourishment for your breast area, it helps prevent and treat breast inflammation. It also moistens and maintains moisture in the skin. It effectively gets rid of the dryness of the skin.

The product gets FDA approval and is accredited with international standards such as GMP (Cosmetics Good Manufacturer Practice), Ecocert, and Dermscan Asia.

It is a gentle breast cream that leaves no residue and is harmless to pregnant and breastfeeding women. It can be used during pregnancy until postpartum. People who want to take care of their breasts and people with sensitive skin can use it too.

Confidently take care of your breasts using Organic Breast Cream accredited with international standards. Only 1,190 THB per bottle.

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