Improve egg quality
Increase pregnancy chances

⭐ Increase egg cells

⭐ Increase fertilization and pregnancy rate

⭐ Enhance skin to be healthier

⭐ Improve immune system

⭐ Easy to eat and carry. Has no side effect

Improve semen quality
Suitable for men with sperm problems

⭐ Enhance sperm quality. Increase the number of ejaculations. Increase sperm count
⭐ Improve sperm motility
⭐ Reduce DNA damage and abnormal sperm
⭐ Increase sperm survival rate
⭐ Decrease sperm degeneration

How to take

Take 1 sachet per day At a convenient time

Suitable for?

✨ People who want to take care of health
✨ People who want to improve egg cells
✨ People who want to improve sperm quality
✨ People who want to boost Calcium and body immune
✨ People who want to the chance of pregnancy

Calcium L-Threonate

Calcium with the most efficient absorption is Calcium L-Threonate which is developed for supplement and medicine. It is to treat and prevent from osteoporosis when people get older. Calcium L-Threonate has properties that body can make use of up to 95% of calcium compared to calcium carbonate that body can make use of not more than 15%.

FDA Certified

Supplement helping in health nourishment and increasing pregnancy chance for men and women with benefits from 20 essential vitamins

• L-Arginine

• Calcium L-Threonate

• Inositol

• L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

• Magnesium

• Gamma Oryzanol

And other essential ingredients for the health nourishment

Supplement for men and women

Enhance the performance of ovaries and sperm. Contain 24 ingredients for egg and sperm nourishment. Suitable for people who want to nourish health and infertile people.

Nuvo Life care Company Limited develops and sells dietary supplements for those with fertility problems. Our products are as follows:

• Repro Vita-F Supplement for ovum nourishment
• Repro Vita-M Supplement for sperm nourishment
• Asta Pro Supplement for health nourishment
• Nuvo Calcium Jelly Supplement in a jelly form
• Vita F Jelly Supplement for health nourishment and increasing pregnancy chance in a jelly form

We are one of the brands that are selected by prestigious judges to win the BRILLIANT ASEAN PRODUCT AWARDS 2021 or brilliant and innovative universal products in 2020-2021.

Vita F Jelly – 1 Box


Vita F Jelly is a supplement in a jelly form that helps in the health nourishment of men and women and increases pregnancy chances!

With better ingredients such as L-Arginine, Inositol, Calcium L-Threonate, and others full of benefits contained in a sachet

❣️ Improve health and strengthen the body
❣️ Increase egg cells in women
❣️ Improve sperm in men
❣️ Increase pregnancy chances
❣️ Boost Calcium and body immune

🧪 We invented this supplement for easy consumption. With mixed berry flavor, it makes it easy to eat like a snack and still gets all benefits. Pre-Order Available Now!

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