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Bring back skin smoothness by ‘Laser Treatment for Stretch Mark Removal’

There are many stretch mark treatment options available nowadays. ‘Laser treatment for stretch mark removal’ is a popular option right now as it helps treat visible stretch mark to be better. It is to stimulate collagen and elastin production around stretch mark area. ✅ Advantages of laser treatment for stretch mark removal Super-fast energy  Noticeable […]

What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays?

☀ UVA and UVB are ultraviolet rays causing skin dullness to skin diseases. So, what is the difference between UVA and UVB? Are there any factors influencing our daily lives? Let’s see. ☀ UVA It has longest wavelengths with lower energy than UVB. It has the potential to affect cells deeper in the skin It […]

Breast preparation before childbirth

💬 For pregnant women, getting started is half the battle. Today, we would like to share with you about breast preparation before childbirth, which will help you prepare for and make it easier to feed the baby in the coming months. Check: There are many nipple conditions that obstruct mothers from feeding their babies, including […]

Prepare for this summer by looking for a sea sunscreen

🌤 Since it is summer and the sky is clear, UV rays are more concentrated than usual, causing dullness. Furthermore, oilier skin and dirt make the skin more prone to acne. Therefore, the easiest way is to avoid direct sun exposure❗ 💬 But how come we don’t go to the sea during the summer❓ Today, […]

Simple breast pumping tips for newbie moms

 Newbie moms, please have a look here. Today, My Dear Mom would like to share some easy-peasy breast pumping tips for newbie moms.  The following are some simple preparation steps: Wash your hands, pump and all equipment to prevent from bacteria and dirt in the breast milk and milk bottle. Be relaxed and relieved before […]

Why less foaming shampoo is better

🧴 Shampoo is a necessity because it is used to clean our hair and remove dirt from our daily lives. 💦 It is undeniable that simply washing your hair with water will not result in truly clean hair. Shampoo is required for cleaning. There are many different types of shampoo available today, including those with […]

How to choose the best water-resistant sunscreen cream for this coming Songkran Festival.

💬 Due to the relaxation of Covid-19 measure, we expect this coming Songkran Festival to be busy. And we all know that the month of April is well-known for having the hottest weather. Therefore, we should be well-prepared with skin protection before going out for a water fight❗ 👉 Today, we would like to introduce […]

Tips for fast-food options during pregnancy

💁‍♀️ You may be aware that Fast Food is bad for your health, especially if you’re pregnant. If you want to eat fast food and want to know fast-food options not to harm your health, please have a look here. Sauce option If you don’t want bad health, you should change from cream sauce or […]

Pre-pregnancy checkup and preparation

💬 Pre-pregnancy preparation is a crucial thing to focus on. Apart from family and income factors, we should also care about physical preparation. A pre-pregnancy checkup is a screening to prevent unwanted diseases and genetic complications that may occur during pregnancy. 🩺 A pre-pregnancy checkup is to diagnose infertility. As people get older, the risk […]

Repro Vita-F lowers the risk of infertility

Do you experience these symptoms?  🧐 : Irregular periods 🧐 : No sexual desire 🧐 : Overweight or underweight 🧐 : Increased age 🧐 : vitamin deficiencies 💬If you appear to have all of these symptoms, you are at risk of infertility ❗ Therefore, it is important to nourish yourself. We would like to recommend […]