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The longer your hair, the more you need to take care of it

When you want to have long hair, there is something that must always be considered is the “hair loss problem”. Because the longer the hair, the more hair will fall out and you will see your hair falling a lot. Today, My Dear Mom has a good solution for ladies with long hair and people […]

4 foods that make you aged

Eating unhealthy food can quickly harm your health. It also makes your body and your face look older than your real age as well. Today, Nuvo would like to show you 4 foods that may cause your body to age prematurely. Alcoholic beverages: This is because alcoholic drinks will cause the liver cells to deteriorate. […]

If you have acne around the mouth, you’d better change your lip balm urgently.

“Acne around the mouth” is a common skin disorder found in Pilosebaceous Unit, which these skin problems are called “Acne Vulgaris”. The acne can be found in many parts of the mouth, such as acne at the corners of the mouth, acne under the mouth, acne around the mouth and chin, etc. However, even though […]

Drinking too much alcohol in pregnant women is not good

What will happen? If the mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy? Any time you drink alcohol while pregnant, your baby also drinks with you because the alcohol the mother drinks enters the baby directly through the placenta. The blood alcohol level of the fetus is just as high as the mother’s but the baby takes longer […]

Signs of Imbalance Sex Hormone

Balanced hormone is like water that nourishes life. Hormones are the control and stimulate the various systems of the body to function normally. In particular, sex hormones must be balanced in order to have children easily. Hormones have an effect on egg production. Stimulating eggs to develop. Hormones cause an egg to be released from […]

Let’s get to know more about “Steroids”

Steroids are a kind of hormone produced by the body. It helps in anti-inflammatory, water and mineral balance control, or immune system suppression.  And in medicine, synthetic steroids have been invented to help fight inflammation in the body, which is effective, but there are also side effects, such as making the skin pale and thin […]

How to reduce Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic Dermatitis is a scalp disease caused by inflammation of the skin on the head. Or it may be caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands under the skin of the head. Seborrheic Dermatitis is a chronic condition. If stimulated, symptoms can occur again. This is considered a symptom that affects daily life. Seborrheic Dermatitis […]

Astaxanthin + CoQ10, just one pill a day, prevent free radicals and make your skin look clear

If you wake up and feel not refreshed, your face is dull, not bright, dry, dehydrated, of course, the longer you leave it on, the worse it will get. Therefore, you should start nourishing your body from today in order to have good health and beautiful skin Starting with Astaxanthin, a familiar antioxidant, it helps […]