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Safe For Pregnant

Safe For Family

Natural Active Ingredient

Breast Cream

= Safe for breastfeeding mothers with 100% natural ingredients and safe for babies

Organic Breast Cream

Breast cream for reducing skin inflammation around breast area such as breast engorgement, breast swelling or inflammation caused by a blocked milk duct. With Cabbage leaf extract, studies support the benefits, helps reduce swelling and inflammation around breast area.

Together with centella asiatica extract that reduces inflammation, dullness, dark spots, red spots and scar.

Moreover, there are other essential ingredients that help protect and moisturize your skin as well as relieve dry skin, improve firmness, make your skin radiant, boost collagen, and improve skin barrier.

Organic Active Ingredient


My Dear Mom Organic Breast Cream

Net weight 120 grams

Cabbage Leaf Extract

Cabbage Leaf Extract

Help reduce swelling and inflammation around breast area

Suitable for

Women who want to take extra breast care

Breastfeeding mothers

Those who have breast surgery

How to use Breast Cream

1. Use 2 times per day or when you feel engorged around breast area
2. Apply cream around breast and gently massage

It can be stored in the refrigerator for cooling feeling and it helps with engorgement reduction


Protect and reduce inflammation around breast area

Moisturize and keep skin hydration

Reduce skin dryness effectively

Help with skin firmness and skin radiance

GMP Certified

FDA Certified

A breast cream with 7 essential natural ingredients such as

• Cabbage Leaf Extract

• Royal Jelly Protein

• Organic Argan Oil

• Centella Asiatica Extract

And other essential ingredients for breast nourishment

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