Calcium accrding to age

This stage is about bone development in terms of size, appearance and shape.
Growth rate is greater than degeneration since people of this age can store bone mass and they have abliity to absorb calcium most effectively
People of this age is another stage of bone development. Therefore, they should consume 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day to strengthen bone mass.
When people turn 30 years old or more, their body will stop storing calcium and this inceases a chance of bone mass loss. They may experience bone related diseases. Therefore, people of this age should consume 1,500 milligrams of calcium per day.
For pregnant women, they need to consume much more calcium than normal. They should consume 1,200 – 1,500 milligrams of calcium per day since they need to transfer their calcium for babies’ body development.
Calcium L-Threonate

Calcium with the most efficient absorption is Calcium L-Threonate which is developed for supplement and medicine. It is to treat and prevent from osteoporosis when people get older. Calcium L-Threonate has properties that body can make use of up to 95% of calcium compared to calcium carbonate that body can make use of not more than 15%.

How to take
Nuvo Calcium Jelly

Take 1 sachet per day at any time

Suitable for?

?? Those who want to boost Calcium and body immune

?? Elders who want to prevent cancellous bone

?? Kids who need calcium for growth

?? Working adults who want to take care of bone health

?? Pregnant women who need calcium

?? Those who want skin nourishment and younger looking skin

Calcium in Pregnant Women

  • Calcium strengthens a baby’s developing bones during pregnancy
  • If calcium consumption from food is not enough, body will deplete calcium from mother to a baby
  • When mother deplete their bones, mother will experience bone loss, osteoporosis, blood pressure, cramp and other muscular disorders
  • A mother needs to consume at least 1,200 – 1,500 milligrams per day while Thai people consume only 300 – 400 milligrams per day
  • People should consume calcium with food or right away after meal to maximize the absorption of calcium


Supplement for calcium booster
with Calcium L-Threonate
and other 20 essential vitamins.

FDA Certified

Calcium for men and women. Benefits from over 20 essential vitamins such as
Calcium L-Theonate
Beta Carotene
•  Zinc
Folic Acid
Fish Oil Powder

And other essential nutritious for body nourishment


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