What will happen if pregnant women are deficient in mineral “Selenium”?

Selenium is found in both water and plants. Even though our bodies do not require this nutrient as much as other minerals such as calcium and zinc, pregnant women should take it to ensure appropriate body function.

It can be found in tuna, sardine, brown rice, whole grain wheat bread, cereal, beans, eggs, shell, tripe, beef etc.

If pregnant women are deficient in selenium for a long time, the following impacts will occur in their bodies and babies:

  • It may cause the babies to run out of oxygen.
  • Nervous system or immune system in babies will be damaged.
  • Lower birth weight 
  • It may cause miscarriage. 
  • The mothers will feel pain, have poor vision and premature aging.
  • For normal people, it may cause reproductive problems and infertility.

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