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4 foods that make you aged

Eating unhealthy food can quickly harm your health. It also makes your body and your face look older than your real age as well. Today, Nuvo would like to show you 4 foods that may cause your body to age prematurely. Alcoholic beverages: This is because alcoholic drinks will cause the liver cells to deteriorate. […]

Drinking too much alcohol in pregnant women is not good

What will happen? If the mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy? Any time you drink alcohol while pregnant, your baby also drinks with you because the alcohol the mother drinks enters the baby directly through the placenta. The blood alcohol level of the fetus is just as high as the mother’s but the baby takes longer […]

Signs of Imbalance Sex Hormone

Balanced hormone is like water that nourishes life. Hormones are the control and stimulate the various systems of the body to function normally. In particular, sex hormones must be balanced in order to have children easily. Hormones have an effect on egg production. Stimulating eggs to develop. Hormones cause an egg to be released from […]

Astaxanthin + CoQ10, just one pill a day, prevent free radicals and make your skin look clear

If you wake up and feel not refreshed, your face is dull, not bright, dry, dehydrated, of course, the longer you leave it on, the worse it will get. Therefore, you should start nourishing your body from today in order to have good health and beautiful skin Starting with Astaxanthin, a familiar antioxidant, it helps […]

Pork blood soup, a menu for blood nourishment in pregnant women

Pregnant women who are at risk of anemia should be very selective about their diet. Because if the mother has anemia, there will be a risk of the baby being born prematurely. Therefore, mothers must know how to choose food in order to nourish themselves to be strong and to make their babies strong too. […]

Forgetfulness, a symptom that should not be overlooked!!

Forgetfulness is a common symptom in the elderly or even anyone who has a lot to think about, but forgetfulness comes in many forms. Forgetting something may be a warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, if you are close to an elderly person and notice symptoms or “forgetful” behavior like “Alzheimer’s”, you should hurry and […]

L-Cysteine: an essential amino acid for men

When testosterone decreases, it leads to changes in the body, expressions of emotion and the matter of fitness which many men often don’t realize. It can lead to decreasing sexual desire, less sperm production, getting annoyed easily, having trouble sleeping, getting tired easily after exercising or doing various activities, no strength, not being fresh and […]

If you want to be a mother, you must know how to eat well to nourish your eggs

Food and nutrition are important for healthy egg development. They help in proper and high-quality ovulation. You can follow these tips to increase the quality of your eggs. Avoid trans fats that are often found in fast food or other food industries Eat protein from vegetables, such as peanuts, soybeans, almonds, pecans, chestnuts, and walnuts […]

What are the properties of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) in Asta Pro Plus?

What are the properties of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) in Asta Pro Plus? Can be almost completely absorbed in the small intestine at a dosage of 100 mg/day. If higher doses are given or when having diarrhea, the ability to absorb will be reduced. It is an important antioxidant which is involved in the cellular […]

Nourishing your body before pregnancy makes it easier to have children

Of course, another question that many people have when preparing for pregnancy is: What are the techniques for “eating healthy food” to meet the needs as much as possible? And thanks to everyone who chose to eat and help in recommending and spreading the word about quality product like “Vita F Jelly,” a nourishing vitamin […]