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Tips for fast-food options during pregnancy

💁‍♀️ You may be aware that Fast Food is bad for your health, especially if you’re pregnant. If you want to eat fast food and want to know fast-food options not to harm your health, please have a look here. Sauce option If you don’t want bad health, you should change from cream sauce or […]

Pre-pregnancy checkup and preparation

💬 Pre-pregnancy preparation is a crucial thing to focus on. Apart from family and income factors, we should also care about physical preparation. A pre-pregnancy checkup is a screening to prevent unwanted diseases and genetic complications that may occur during pregnancy. 🩺 A pre-pregnancy checkup is to diagnose infertility. As people get older, the risk […]

Repro Vita-F lowers the risk of infertility

Do you experience these symptoms?  🧐 : Irregular periods 🧐 : No sexual desire 🧐 : Overweight or underweight 🧐 : Increased age 🧐 : vitamin deficiencies 💬If you appear to have all of these symptoms, you are at risk of infertility ❗ Therefore, it is important to nourish yourself. We would like to recommend […]

How to deal with stress in pregnancy preparation for women

💬 For those who are planning for a baby to fulfill your family, you must understand how to deal with emotion and stress as these problems can lead to infertility. 👉There are many ways to deal with stress. You can pick up your preferred tips as follows: Do a pleasurable activity Such as listening to […]

3 most common skin problems for pregnant women

💬 Our skin requires regular care and nourishment. Pregnant women should take extra care of their skin because it will be more sensitive during the skin stretching around belly area. Today, Nuvo Life Care would like to introduce a Skincare Routine set to turn your sensitive skin to be healthy❗ Apart from skin cleaning product, […]

Enhance the chance of getting pregnant by Nuvo Life Care products

💬 Newlyweds or long marriages want to have a baby to fulfill a family with no success because of many problems causing infertility.  Today Nuvo Life Care would like to share with you good products to help with that. 👇 ❤️ We make sure that our products contain essential ingredients to help improve sperm quality […]

Pins and needles over the body

💬 Pins and needles can be felt in all parts of the body and there are many causes such as: Pins and needles caused by central nervous system or cranial nerve and spinal cord. Pins and needles caused by peripheral nervous system such as the compression of cervical spondylosis, a herniated disk or sitting in […]

Eating nutritious foods, well begun is half done

🥗 A nutritious diet is important to people in various ways, including physical and mental health. Do you know that it also makes it easier for those who plan to have a baby in the future? 🍚 People should eat soy milk, black sesame, wheat, sea fish, and berries. This helps to strengthen your body […]

The danger of addictive substance during pregnancy

🤱 A baby born to a mother who has history of substance abuse is more likely to get addicted as well. Also, it causes respiratory distress syndrome, weeping, jittery behavior, feeding problems and difficulty raising. When the baby grows up, there will be some concentration problems and memory problems leading to behavioral problems. It has […]

Sweet or sugar, a female egg cell destroyer

📋 A study published on Fertility and Sterility in the year 2012 showed that more protein consumption with less carbohydrate (The body converts carbohydrate to sugar) results in lower blood sugar levels. Eating less sweet can boost pregnancy success rates from 16.6% to 83%. 💬 A recommendation during egg nourishment for those who are planning […]