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Sperm nourishing food to enhance sexual performance

We know that many men are looking for help in enhancing their sexual performance. In addition to keeping yourself fit, you are still looking for the ways to enhance your own and your partner’s satisfaction, right? So, what should you eat to be strong both internally and externally? Today, we would like to present you […]

Fish oil, essential vitamin for getting ready for pregnancy

Taking supplement that contains fish oil extract is not only for balancing sex hormone and regulating ovulation cycle but fish oil also provides some benefits, such as Improve egg cells to be healthy, qualified, and ready for fertilization Reduce body inflammation which is a cause of cell degeneration Contain omega 3 and DHA that help […]

Repro Vita-M Extra can help you overcome erectile dysfunction.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in men are including age increase, stress from work or family. Congenital diseases, regular smoking or excessive alcohol use, as well as sleep deficiency, these also make a direct impact to male potency. Get rid of all problems with Repro Vita-M Extra, a product of Nuvo Life Care. Its ingredient, Pycnogynol […]

Treating infertility for a long time but still can’t overcome. What to do?

For the steps of treatment, it is a heart wrenching time for both new fathers and mothers who want to have a baby. Some succeed, some don’t. Some couples get pregnant at the first time they try IVF. But how many treatment cycles and how long time should you decide to give up? The answer […]

Preparing for pregnancy with Repro Vita-F. Having good eggs can lead to pregnancy.

Health care for women who are preparing for pregnancy can be done in many ways, especially taking vitamins to strengthen the body. Because good preparation means that you are well prepared for having children in the future. We recommend taking Repro Vita-F, an egg nourishing vitamin for women from Nuvo Life Care that collects all […]

Mechanisms of Nutrient Absorption

The absorption of each type of nutrient is different whether in the process, location of the digestive tract and the amount:  Carbohydrate absorption The single unit sugar obtained from the digestion of starches and sugars such as glucose is absorbed through intestinal mucosa into capillaries. In this absorption of glucose, sodium is also required for […]

Astragalus in Asta Pro Plus The new latest extract that provides more benefits

The best anti-aging extract is now contained in our product, Asta Pro Plus. Astragalus Membranaceus (Huangqi) is a crucial herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for a long time to treat various types of diseases and body abnormalities. It is also used as an extract that helps extend human lifespan. Astragalus contains many benefits so […]

Consume a small amount of fruits and vegetables leads to lower pregnancy rates!!

Fruits and vegetables are the foods rich in several vitamins and minerals which are useful to the body. If a mother doesn’t get these nutrients, there will be a lot of negative effects on the fetus and her body. For example: Eye diseases Obesity Nutrient deficiency Intestinal dysfunction Therefore, consuming fruits and vegetables regularly and […]

Essential amino acid that men can find from natural food source

For men who want to take care of their health to be ready at any time, it is essential to get enough amino acid to meet the body needs. For example, l-arginine that helps nourish blood circulation and increase sperm count. It is suitable for people with infertility and can be found in meat, poultry, […]

10 Foods rich in “Healthy Fats” to strengthen the body to prepare for having children

Healthy fat is cholesterol that is beneficial to the body. It gets rid of bad cholesterol that accumulates in the arteries, then sends them to the liver to be eliminated from the body. Therefore, consuming healthy fats in the right amount helps reduce the risk of various diseases and helps strengthen the body to be […]