Centella Asiatica can treat more than internal bruise

Have you ever heard that drinking Centella Asiatica Juice can treat heartbreak or depression? ?

Centella Asiatica Extract not only treats internal bruises but also reduces dullness, dark spots, red spots, acne scars, and dark under-eye circles. The noticeable result will be revealed in a short time. 

We proudly present My Dear Mom Organic Breast Cream containing centella asiatica extract that helps with skin firmness and skin elasticity and relieve breast engorgement in women. Also, it contains other 7 ingredients to help relieve the pain for better experience of breastfeeding. 

Our product is gentle to the skin as we are internationally accredited and ensured by GMP Cosmetics Good Manufacturer Practice, Ecocert and Dermscan Asia

Deeply nourish your skin to reduce breast inflammation only at 1,190 THB ?

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