What to do if your husband is infertile!?

Sometimes infertility problems may not always come from the female side. For the male side, there is 30-40% chance of infertility occurred as the same as that of the female side.

Sexual intercourse requires the fertilization of eggs and sperm. If in the men’s sperm quality is not good or there is no sperm at all, they all are the cause of infertility. The chances of getting pregnant become difficult.

Currently in preparation before having children, it is necessary to use technology to analyze the semen or semen analysis to know the quality and overall concentration of sperm, sperm count, morphology, and motility for effective diagnosis and planning of pregnancy.

Common problems are low sperm count, abnormal motility, epididymal obstruction, or urethral stricture, etc. Some cases are found to be related to health, obesity, stress, lifestyle such as smoking and drinking alcohol. These characteristics also affect sperm health.

Suggestions for prevention and nourishment of sperm that men can easily do:

 Avoid alcohol, smoking, and drug

 Avoid stress

 Eat fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and vitamin supplements containing zinc

  Protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases

  Exercise regularly

  Control your weight

Therefore, to prevent it early, you should start taking care of yourself and hurry up to consult a specialist doctor for a semen analysis and find treatment appropriately.


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 If you are looking for vitamins that will help nourish sperm, nourish eggs and maintain health, we recommend good and useful 3 vitamins that we have selected. They are suitable for those who want to have children, want to have children naturally, or during treatment for infertility.

Repro Vita-M, supplement for men 2,790 THB

It has properties that help improve sperm quality. It is suitable for men with low semen count or have problems with sperm. It can be eaten during infertility treatment.

 Repro Vita-F, supplement for women 2,590 THB

It can improve egg cell quality, increase the rate of fertilization and pregnancy, adjust the balance of excretion, strengthen the immune system of the body and various systems. It is easy to eat, easy to carry, and has no side effects.

 Asta Pro, supplement for men and women 2,990 THB

It helps increase antioxidant substances, reduce wrinkles, slow down aging, reduce dark spots, solve infertility problems, increase the rate of fertilization, strengthen the body’s immunity, nourish the nervous system, and brain and reduce symptoms from menopause.


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