Can expired vitamins be taken?

Many people may have encountered problems buying vitamins or food supplements but forget to eat until they are almost expired! If you can’t eat it in time, “when it expires, can I still eat it?”

The answer is “Yes, you can”, but it is not recommended.

Eating expired supplements can reduce their efficiency and cause toxic substances to the body.

In terms of efficiency, the main disadvantage of taking expired vitamins is that their effectiveness is reduced. Generally, the expiration date stated is the last day that the vitamin or supplement will be most effective.

If you are taking these vitamins for a health problem and want to get the full efficacy, it is recommended to discard expired vitamins and buy a new one with full efficiency instead.

For the side effects, when the effectiveness of vitamins decreases, it may increase the risks or side effects of medication. Vitamins are not like normal foods that are spoiled. Observing can be difficult. If your vitamins start to change color or get smelly, it’s a sign that those vitamins should be thrown away.

So! Before taking any supplements, you should always check the expiration date listed on the label on the box for your own safety.



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