What should woman do or eat before the egg retrieval?

What to consider in egg retrieval are the egg count and quality.

For the egg count, the first important factor is the age of proprietor. Young woman can produce egg more than the elderly person. Women in 35 years onwards will continuously produce less eggs. Therefore, if you are facing infertility problem or prefer to store your eggs for future use, please do it as soon as possible. Attending at a younger age is more effective than older. Under the same dosage of medication, sometimes it doesn’t work even though the older patient receives more medicines due to egg deterioration and the response to medication will be decreased.

For the egg quality, apart from the age issue, health is also significant for the egg quality. Aging makes egg quality become extremely lower. Especially after 40 years, the eggs produced will be inferior in both count and quality. Remaining healthy is very important. If you are proceeding with egg retrieval or fertility treatment, at least you should prepare yourself in advance for approximately 1-3 months or one month minimum.

How to keep being healthy starts from the personal lifestyle. Avoid drinking alcohol as well as smoking. Sleeping is also important. Having sufficient sleep and going to bed earlier will help hormones work properly. After 9 pm is the suitable bedtime. We recommend you sleep for 8 hours daily. However, it doesn’t mean to sleep from 2 am until 11 am to complete 8 hours as you will not receive the Growth Hormone which is secreting during non-REM sleep (deep sleep) period only (around midnight until 1 am). A woman who sleeps at late night will have problem about egg quality no matter how younger she is. For example, flight attendant or night shift person; their jobs will affect egg quality due to the body systems are disturbed and deteriorated.

Suggestion for food; It’s recommended to eat 5 food groups and variety. Avoid drinking tea, coffee or any unhealthy foods.

Folate or Folic is an example of essential nutrient. Woman can take it one pill a day. Another significant nutrient is Iron. Apart from eating red meat, egg, fish, liver, or offal, people can obtain iron by taking vitamin supplements to nourish their blood, including eating fruits and vegetables. 

Moreover, other supplementary foods include multivitamin, vitamin C, vitamin B and COQ10 are the good choice for a healthy woman who has no abnormal medical conditions. However, other supplements should be advised by obstetrician-gynecologist before taking. We don’t recommend any uncommon herb as it might contain steroid substances which can disturb hormone system. In case of your preference, please select the one with standard and clarification. So, you can make sure it is safe for your health.

Reference: Prime Fertility Clinic

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