What can cause infertility?

Poor egg quality

The number of eggs and the function of the ovaries of women will decrease along with the increasing age of women. Therefore, apart from health and lifestyle, one of the most influential factors affecting egg quality and ovarian function is age. If the age is over 35 years, even if the ovarian is stimulated, the number of eggs retrieved may be less and the quality may be poor.

Of course, we can’t go back in time, but what you can do is to take good care of your health as much as possible.

  1. Poor sperm quality

Sperm quality greatly affects the success of treatment. Therefore, male health is another factor affecting pregnancy. If the man has congenital disease, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, including frequent drinking alcohol, beer, wine, smoking, having less rest, being stressed may cause low sperm count or low sperm quality.

  1. Small number of embryos and poor quality

This is another major obstacle in having children. The low embryo quality (poor grade) or a small number of embryos result in the decreasing chances of having children of both men and women.

Female: Poor egg quality, low egg count, disease or have had a disease that affects egg quality.

Male: low sperm count and quality. The chances of fertilizing eggs to become Grade A embryo are reduced.

  1. Problems during embryo transfer

After culturing the embryo in the laboratory until it grows, another important step is to transfer the embryo into the uterus. If the uterine cavity has problems such as thin endometrium, it may cause the embryo transfer to be unsuccessful.

Another important thing is taking care of yourself. After embryo transfer, the woman needs to rest. Do not work too hard so that the embryo transfer can be successful, reducing the chance of disappointment.

  1. Abnormal chromosomes

Even though the embryo grows well, the woman is still not pregnant after the embryo transfer. One of the reasons is that the chromosomes of the embryo are abnormal. It can cause failed embryo implantation and pregnancy, or the embryo stops growing.


Reference: Prime Fertility Center

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