What causes sperm to be unhealthy.

Sperm are produced in the testicles. Testosterone stimulates sperm production and pituitary gland hormones control testosterone production.

Although the sperm production in men is not as limited as that of egg production in women. Men can produce sperm for their entire lives. However, these 5 factors can result in poor sperm quality.

  1. Tight pants

Both outside and inside pants can affect sperm production. Because if the testicles are pressed for a long time, it will cause poor sperm quality.

  1. Hot weather

Activities in hot weather, such as doing hot yoga, saunas, and having the testicles exposed to heat through a laptop placed on your lap while working can affect the production and quality of sperm as well.

  1. Alcohol-cigarettes

An evil villain that obstructs you from being a father. Drinking alcohol will reduce sperm production. Smoking also causes low sperm count and slows down their motility.

  1. Poor health

Obesity, frequent sickness, and insufficient rest affect sperm health produced to fertilize the egg. Therefore, men must take care of their health as well.

  1. Congenital disease

If men have congenital diseases, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, these diseases will result in erectile dysfunction, or the amount of sperm can be reduced. 

Reference: Prime Fertility Center

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