What are the signs of fetal distress during pregnancy?

Apart from pregnant women who can be stressed, their babies can get distressed too. What are the signs of fetal distress during pregnancy? Let’s find out.

  1. Pregnant women with congenital blood vessel disorders – It will result in poor blood flow to the baby such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, etc. 
  2. Pregnant women with placental abruption – It can cause fetal distress
  3. Pregnant women with umbilical cord prolapse
  4. Pregnant women with oligohydramnios or premature rupture of membranes – It causes the umbilical cord to press against different parts of the baby, resulting in blocked blood vessels and less blood flow to the baby. 
  5. Pregnant women with postterm pregnancy – It results in deterioration of the placenta and poor blood supply to the baby.
  6. Pregnant women with placental insufficiency
  7. Pregnant women with fetal growth restriction
  8. Pregnant women who receive too many uterine stimulant drugs – It constricts the blood vessels of the uterus, resulting in a lack of blood supply to the placenta and the baby for a long time.

To avoid fetal distress, what a mother can do is to observe the fetal movement. If the baby does not move or there is something wrong with the mother, it is important to see a doctor immediately.  

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