Can you have sex during pregnancy?

New parents might be worried if the mother can have sex while pregnant. The answer is ‘Yes, they can’.

Sex during pregnancy would harm the baby??

The answer is “No, it wouldn’t.” As the baby is covered with the amniotic sac, it will protect the baby from any dangers like germs or diseases.

The safe period of sex during pregnancy is between 4 to 6 months. It is best to avoid sex during the first and last trimesters.

What kind of pregnant women should avoid having sex during pregnancy?

  • Women with miscarriage histories or premature birth, there’s a chance it could happen again.
  • Women with placenta previa should refrain from sex at all as sex can cause too much bleeding, resulting in dangers.
  • Women with vaginal odors or discharge after sex while pregnant should consult with doctor.

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