How to deal with being sick while pregnant

Primary self-care practices when you are sick during pregnancy

Sometimes a mild sickness or illness won’t disturb daily life too much. A pregnant woman can take care of herself without seeing a doctor. For example, rubbing the body with towels to reduce fever, drinking enough water, and getting enough rest. Moreover, when a pregnant woman is sick, she can safely take common household medicines to relieve her sickness. For example:

    • Fever: You can take Paracetamol to reduce fever (no more than 8 tablets or 4,000 mg per day. By eating at a dose of 10 mg per 1 kg of body weight or 1 tablet of 500 mg per 50 kg of body weight every 4 – 6 hours) and Chlorpheniramine (1 tablet each time, 2-3 times a day after meals or before bedtime. This drug has a side effect that can cause drowsiness) to relieve symptoms. Get enough rest and drink lots of water (2 liters per day) and be careful not to sip on cough syrups that contain alcohol.
    • Body aches: You can apply pain-relief ointment or liniment on the pain area.
    • Watery diarrhea without fever or bloody mucus: You can drink ORS solution alternately with boiled water to compensate for the lack of water and mineral.
  • Body rash without fever or blisters: You can apply Calamine lotion or take Chlorphenamine to relieve itchiness.

If a sick mother does not get better within 2-3 days or has other symptoms, it is best to see a doctor. 

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