Tricks for maintaining luscious, healthy, and smooth long hair all day

Tricks for maintaining luscious, healthy, and smooth long hair all day

Hair is one of the beautiful aesthetics that women should not neglect, especially women with long hair. They need special care for this.

We have easy tricks for maintaining long hair. Follow these tricks and you’ll get smooth and thick hair.

1. Wash your hair properly –Soak your hair with water to wash oil and dirtiness off your hair. Add shampoo mixed with a little water. Rub it with the palm of your hands to create bubbles. Gently massage your scalp. Do not scratch. You do not have to wash your hair several times. Focus on washing thoroughly.

2. Massage your hair and scalp –Hair and scalp massage helps enhance blood flows around the scalp area. It helps hair growth and allows hair nourishment products to maintain your hair better. Use your fingertips to roll around the scalp, do it once a week for 3-4 minutes per time.

3. Use the right brush for your hair – Use the right brush for your hair, for example, a paddle brush for thick and messy hair and a round brush for flat hair to add more volume.

4. Use haircare products – Hair also needs nutrients. Use products that contain substances that help strengthen hair, stop hair loss, and bring back smoothness to split ends such as Argan Oil, Vitamin B3, Ginseng Extract, Biotin.

We recommend you My Dear Mom Biotin Shampoo and Biotin Conditioner, haircare products with various natural extracts.

Use a shampoo and conditioner from My Dear Mom for better result of hair care. It will restore hair and make hair grow faster. It also helps to get rid of dandruff on the scalp, control oiliness, and help nourish hair to have a healthy weight, no frizz, easy to style.

Women with long hair do not have to worry about their hair anymore.

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