Tips to store sunscreen, how to keep it from rapid deterioration

Skincare products – cosmetics all have an expiration date on their labels, and so does sunscreen. Normally, a sunscreen’s lifespan is 3 years and 1 year after opening.

However, the deterioration of sunscreen depends on how you store it. If you store it properly, it’ll keep the sunscreen from expiration and deterioration. So, it’ll be safe for your skin.

  1. Avoid storing sunscreen in the bathroom

Though it’s convenient to store your sunscreen in the bathroom, the temperature in the bathroom always changes according to environments such as the daily weather, water used for showering or cleaning at different temperatures. These can make the temperature rise up or go down. If you store the sunscreen in a room with both heat and humidity, it will cause mold and deteriorate faster.

  1. Avoid leaving sunscreen in the car

Vehicles such as cars are exposed to sunlight all the time. When you park the car under direct sunlight for hours, the heat in the car will get higher. The sunscreen will deteriorate faster.

  1. Avoid keeping sunscreen near a window

If you put sunscreen near the window when the weather is hot, the heat of the sun will cause sunscreen to deteriorate faster than it should.

To sum up, the rule for storing sunscreen from deterioration is to keep it from sunlight and heat. If you store your sunscreen like this, change it now.

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