Things people undergoing breast surgery should know, “Misconceptions of Breast Surgery”

Before getting the breasts done, there are many things for people who want breast surgery need to know and understand. Things people undergoing breast surgery should know. How long do breast augmentation materials last? Let’s see.

Breast augmentation materials need to be replaced every 10 years. The materials last more than 10 years, they can deteriorate. They should always be observed. If there’s any leak. You should have surgery to replace them.

Things people undergoing breast surgery should know. Breast augmentation materials’ lifetime

Women with breast augmentation can’t breastfeed – In fact, those women can breastfeed normally. There is no risk or danger for the baby to drink milk from the breast directly.

Big size is the best – Big breasts are not always good. If you receive improper size of silicone implants, it can cause back pain, shoulder pain, or nipple numbness.

There is no need for a massage after the surgery – No matter how good the silicone quality is, you should massage your breasts so that they’ll look natural. It can also prevent adhesions around the breast area.

After breast surgery, there might be stretch marks occurring around the breast area because of the stretching of skin when there’s not enough moisture.

So, you should use a cream, especially for the breast area. My Dear Mom ORGANIC BREAST CREAM is a cream for the breast area moisturizing. Cabbage leaf extract can relieve breast inflammation. And Centella Asiatica extract can reduce swelling and make the scars fade away. 


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