Can foaming agent in body cleansing products affect the skin?

Have you ever wondered why most body cleansing products like shampoo or body wash usually have the text ‘Foaming Agent-Free’ written Is foaming agent really dangerous to the skin

How does this chemical affect the skin? Let’s find out if the foaming agent really affects the skin.

Most of body cleansing products usually contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS. It is derived from palm oil, coconut oil, or alcohol.

It can create foams and break down oil from the skin’s surface. It reduces the surface tension. It is used in cleansing products for moisturizing. As it lowers the surface tension, it allows the product to clean the skin better.  

However, SLS is one of the ingredients that can cause most allergies and irritation. Though now it is approved as a safe substance, the concentration of SLS in products should be not over than 1%.

If the body is exposed to a high amount of SLS, it can cause allergic reactions and irritation. People with skin diseases like ringworm and psoriasis or people with sensitive skin should avoid using products containing SLS.

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