Is sunscreen necessary when you have acne on the face?

We believe that acne problems from hormones, skincare allergies, cosmetics, or even face masks can make many people lose their confidence. Then, is sunscreen necessary when you have acne on the face? 

Most people may think acne-prone skin and sensitive skin should not use sunscreen! As it can cause more clogged pores and more acne. Then, is sunscreen still necessary? Let’s find out.

Sunscreen can actually cause acne if you do not wash your face properly.

Sunscreen is a product that can stick to the surface of the skin better than other skincare products. So, you should wash your face to be completely clean. Also, some sunscreens contain silicone which is a substance that easily causes clogged pores.

Therefore, you should use Makeup Remover and then cleansing gel or foam to wash your face.

Despite acne-prone skin and sensitive skin, you should not neglect sunscreen!

As UVA/UVB from sunlight not only cause blemish and premature wrinkle but also cause skin cancer if long-term exposure.

Moreover, some acne treatment products also contain exfoliating ingredients, causing thin, flaky, and more sun-sensitive skin. So, sunscreen is very important for acne treatment.

How to choose a sunscreen for acne-prone skin?

Choose a light essence sunscreen that won’t make your face oily. Also, choose a physical sunscreen as it can protect the skin effectively and is less likely to cause clogged pores than other sunscreens. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

You should try My Dear Mom Organic Sunscreen Essence, a physical sunscreen. It has light essence, is not sticky, and doesn’t make a face oily. It has SPF 50 PA+++ that helps reflect UVA/UVB, is gentle to acne-prone skin, has no deadly chemicals, and is tested by dermatologist (dermatologically tested).


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