The weather changes often so that hurry up and nourish the body

In Thailand, it is like having 3 seasons in just 1 day. Your body probably can’t keep up with the change. But before we get ready to deal with it. Let’s get to know when the weather changes frequently like this, what effect will it have on the body?

“The nasal cavity and throat” are the first organs to encounter foreign objects, allergens, including germs and viruses. Moreover, because of the constantly changing weather conditions, the respiratory system is affected as well.

Especially during “the end of the rainy season and the beginning of winter” or the overlapping period between the rainy season and winter when the weather is quite humid. As a result, germs can grow and spread in the air quickly. When there is an inhalation or breathing, these germs will accumulate in the respiratory system, especially in the throat and nasal cavity resulting in a resistance and health problems. If left chronically, germs may eventually widely spread and become a disease in the respiratory system.

Therefore, preparing to cope with sudden changes in weather is important. As it will help keep your body strong and ready to cope with the health impacts by taking supplement like Asta Pro Plus from Nuvo Life Care.

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