Telomere helps in keeping young and increasing longevity

Telomere is a region of DNA sequences at the end of a chromosome (DNA refers to a human’s genetic code) which helps protect the ends of chromosomes from being damaged prematurely.

However, telomere shortening will result in the body becoming sick more easily than usual. It is also involved in degenerative diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and others.

And how can you improve telomeres?

In Asta Pro Plus, there is an Astragalus Root extract that helps increase the enzyme used to produce telomere. It is the region at the end of a chromosome and prevents genetic code information from being destroyed.

The Astragalus Root extract helps prevent inflammation, cancer, protect blood vessels, reduce hypocholesterolemia, prevent hyperglycemia, and protect the liver from toxins. It is also an expectorant, diuretic, and has a beneficial effect on the treatment of many types of tumors.

Enhance youthfulness and increase longevity for yourself today with Asta Pro Plus. Order now.

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