Excessive watching TV series can be a risk of infertility

For men, being addicted to movies, dramas, series, and watching mobile phones and TV, or sitting still too much are not good things to do. According to the research from the United States, it says that men who spend more than 20 hours a week in front of TV will have 44% less sperm than men who don’t watch TV at all.

Moreover, people who have a habit of watching TV regularly will have weak sperm due to lack of proper movement and exercise.

Therefore, you should arrange your own living schedule appropriately. Move and exercise regularly. Eat food and vitamins. Apart from that, taking supplements that are beneficial to the body is another option for nourishing the body to be strong and be ready to have children in the future.

Reference: https://www.paolohospital.com/th-TH/center/Article/Details/บทความทางเดินปัสสาวะโรคนิ่วโรคไต/เช็คลิสต์พฤติกรรมเสี่ยงสมรรถภาพเสื่อมก่อนวัย

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