The older you get, the more you have to take care of your body

Elderly age is the age when the body should gain 1,000 -1,500 mg of calcium per day, which is more than ordinary people. Because when a person is over 30 years old, the body will absorb less calcium and will no longer accumulate calcium, leading to bone problems. As the body is not getting enough calcium, it can result in brittle bones and unhealthy body.

When the body has a lack of calcium or not getting enough calcium, the body will try to maintain calcium balance in the blood by using calcium stored in the bones, which causes bone mass to decrease and can result in osteoporosis.

So, taking more calcium can be done for people of all ages. Let’s reduce the chance of osteoporosis with Nuvo Calcium Jelly.

This calcium supplement is rich in benefits from Calcium L-Threonate that helps strengthen bones and can be absorbed up to 95%. It also has DHA from Fish Oil that helps nourish bones and teeth in the elderly and comes with over 20 types of vitamins for full body nourishment.

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