Give an answer? ‘Dark line on the belly during pregnancy’ and the answer that clears up the doubts of all moms!

Over 90% of pregnant women will see a dark line on their belly which is called linea nigra. This dark line on the belly is about 1 centimeter wide. It is caused by changes in estrogen and progesterone hormones during pregnancy and it makes the skin darken. Apart from the dark line on the belly, it can also be found around the nipples, neck, armpits, and vagina as well.

And is the dark line on the belly dangerous?

Pregnant women will have the dark line on the belly when they are about 4 months pregnant or entering the second trimester of pregnancy. The dark line on the belly will cause no harmful effect on pregnant women and babies because the dark line on the belly will only occur on the outer layer of skin. So, there is no need for pregnant women to worry at all.

And when will the dark line fade or disappear?

About 9-12 months after giving birth, the dark line on the belly will gradually fade and disappear by itself. It can be fast or slow depending on each person. But if the mother wants the dark black line on the belly to fade or disappear quickly, she can nourish her skin with natural gentle products to add moisture to the skin. This will make the dark line on the belly gradually fade. However, it is best to not use products that make the skin white, especially when the mother still has to breastfeed the baby as it may contain substances that could affect the baby.

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