The importance of calcium a pregnant woman should know

For a mother, the nine months of pregnancy is the most important period because the mother must especially take care of and maintain their own health and the growing baby’s health.

The baby will get all nutrients from what their mother eats. As a result, the baby will develop and grow well. Also, all nutrients will help prevent various risks.

One of the most important nutrients for a pregnant woman is calcium. And why is it so important to the mother and child?

The importance of calcium a pregnant woman should know

  • Calcium is a nutrient helping in a baby’s bone development.
  • If a pregnant woman doesn’t get enough calcium, the mother’s body will dissolve their bones’ calcium and pass to the baby instead. 
  • During bone resorption, the mother will experience osteopenia and is at risk of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, and other symptoms.  
  • The amount of calcium a mother needs per day is at least 1,000 mg., while normal people only need 300-400 mg. per day.
  • A mother should avoid tea, coffee, salty food, acidic food, or high-protein food as they stimulate calcium dissolution.
  • A child who does not get enough calcium will grow up short.

So, a mother should know the importance of calcium. Getting enough calcium will result in the mother and child’s good health.

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