The dangers of cigarettes on pregnant women

After having sex, you need to see if there’s any chance you can get pregnant. Well, there are lots of signs saying you’re pregnant. One of the signs is your ‘vaginal discharge’.

When the level of estrogen changes, it can cause blood congestion around the cervix area, causing the cervical glands more active and causing more fluid to leak from the vagina. 

Encountering bacteria around the vagina, the fluid will be decomposed by the bacteria and become vaginal discharge. The discharge could leak out just a little.

The vaginal discharge while observing a chance of pregnancy will look white or cream.

However, the vaginal discharge needs to be observed along with other symptoms to ensure pregnancy. Nuvo Life Care would like to encourage you all.

If you are still not pregnant, you can nourish yourself and prepare to have kids by taking supplements from Nuvo Life Care that consist of

  • Repro Vita-M – Sperm supplement
  • Repro Vita-F – Egg supplement
  • Asta Pro – Health and Aesthetics supplement

Nourish the body and remain healthy for both men and women. Soon, you’ll get good news.

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