Slippery conditioner and foamy shampoo are all made from chemicals!!

Various innovations have been made to make the products look valuable and usable. But did you know that these products often contain hidden dangerous substances?

Have you ever wondered why when we wash our hair, there are always a lot of white foams coming out? The source of those bubbles is SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that is added in hair care products as an ingredient.

With the properties of reducing the surface tension of water, it makes dirt and various grease stains come off the skin easily. SLS is often used in the cleaning product industry, from dishwashing liquid to cosmetics and skin care products. Each manufacturer may use this substance with different concentrations and grades for each brand.

If possible, avoiding it by turning to using products that are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free or 100% organic seems to be the best option for people who are not ready to take the risk.

We recommend My Dear Mom Biotin Shampoo and Biotin Conditioner, hair care products that combine various natural extracts such as Ginseng Extract, Biotin, Vitamin B3 and Organic Argan Oil.

They make the hair soft, smooth, not tangled, not frizzy. They are dermatologically tested and tested by a real group sample of people. It has also passed international standards, with a certificate to guarantee that it does not contain prohibited substances. The products are gentle and safe. So, pregnant women can definitely use it.

Reduce hair loss from today. The price is only 990 baht per bottle. Several discount promotions are available. Order now.

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