Sweet or sugar, a female egg cell destroyer

A study published on Fertility and Sterility in the year 2012 showed that more protein consumption with less carbohydrate (The body converts carbohydrate to sugar) results in lower blood sugar levels. Eating less sweet can boost pregnancy success rates from 16.6% to 83%.

A recommendation during egg nourishment for those who are planning to conceive is to stop eating sweets. If you’re carving something sweet, try “Stingless Bee Honey” and “Date Juice.” It is a useful and safe source of sugar. It doesn’t increase blood sugar levels. Stingless Bee Honey helps in the reduction of stress, which is also a cause of infertility. When people are stressed, their bodies secret a cortisol resulting in a sex hormone imbalance.
Moreover, it helps increase progesterone hormone or female reproductive hormone and increase the success rate of pregnancy?

Date juice is high in iron and fiber. Women who are planning for pregnancy should drink it to boost iron and prevent anemia. It is also suitable for women who will undergo embryo transfer as it helps with embryo implantation and relieves constipation. Furthermore, it contains feelguline for sperm nourishment. Pregnant women should drink date juice before giving birth because it helps strengthen cervical muscle allowing for easy childbirth and increasing breast milk for the babies.

Reference: https://siamrath.co.th/n/238186

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