“Eating eggs” during pregnancy How many is fine?

To all pregnant women, do you know what nutrients one egg has? Let’s see.

There are 6-7 grams of protein in egg white, helping in digestion.

There are 5-6 grams of fat in egg yolk, preventing coronary artery disease, providing energy, and having low cholesterol. 

  •  Vitamin Ahelps in retinal ganglion cells generation and Vitamin B helps in nervous system generation 
  •  Mineralshelp in blood flow enhancement and help various organs perform well

A pregnant woman should eat one egg per day and 4-5 eggs per week. However, it is not recommended to eat only too many eggs but to eat other kinds of protein such as fish and chicken, etc. Eating too many eggs can cause the body to produce substances to resist them. So, when a mother eats too many eggs, it can cause their baby to have an egg allergy. At present, more children are allergic to eggs. So, it is best to eat it in moderation and also eat 5 food groups.

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