Simple self-uterine massage to improve strength and alleviate period cramps

Uterine massage is thought to be a natural way to improve uterine strength since people believe that massage greatly improve blood circulation to uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

When female hormone production improves, fertility improves. Massage not only strengthens your uterus but also help alleviate period cramps.

Here are the steps on self-uterine massage:

  1. Apply body oil to your stomach to make it easier and less painful.
  2. Lie down on your back. Raise your knees and put a pillow under your hips
  3. Hold your hand flat and press on the abdomen near the pubis. Then, press your hands upwards.
  4. Press the tip of your fingers on your lower abdomen and press it all around your abdomen
  5. Spread your fingers: put left thumb on right thumb and press on the abdomen above pubis. The rest of fingers press against the pelvis. Gradually relax and repeat.

However! Those with certain underlying diseases should avoid uterine massage since it can be dangerous. It is suggested consulting with your doctor about the disease and learn on how to massage properly.


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