Care about your food to handle with diabetes before getting pregnant

For women wishing to get pregnant but having diabetes, they may need to have a special plan for getting pregnant.

Apart from being closely monitored by your doctor, another important factor is food control. If they eat the wrong type foods, they may develop high blood sugar.

They should eat nutritious food. A diabete patient can eat normally to prepare for pregnancy including vegetables, fruits, and grains.

If they are experiencing a problem of sugar control or weight loss prior to pregnancy. They should consult with nutritionist to plan an appropriate diet in terms of volume and nutrition for their condition.

It is important to take vitamins to prepare for pregnancy. Women planning for a baby should take 400 micrograms of folic per day before pregnancy until the first trimester. This is to lower the risk of a baby being born with cerebral palsy.

To reduce morning sickness symptoms, take a multivitamin containing vitamin B6 before getting pregnant and for the first few weeks of pregnancy. However, before using any drug or supplement, you should always consult with your doctor.


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