Reduce erectile dysfunction in men with Pycnogenol

 Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough during sex. This can happen in men at any age, but it is usually found when getting older.


The most likely causes are emotional problems, mental problems, and medication affecting sex drive such as sedatives and alcohol. Fatigue and age also play a part.


The treatment is to relieve stress, consult a doctor to change the medication, and eat nutritious food, especially French pine bark extract or Pycnogenol.

It contains antioxidants and also prevents damage and degeneration of the collagen fibers of the skin from oxidants to cure erectile dysfunction. This extract can be found in Repro Vita-M, a supplement for men containing Pycnogenol:

Nourish sperm and health

Help with erectile dysfunction

Reduce impotence

After nourishing yourself with Pycnogenol, soon you will have a good reproductive health, being fit and ready for all situations.

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