“Having kids when ready”, 6 Things parents should know

6 Reminders for having kids when ready. How ready parents need to be? What behaviors showing you are not ready?

For a baby to grow, the parenthood of father and mother is significant. Before you decide to get pregnant, you need to consider yourself how ready you are. Today, we’d like to share 6 basic things to know for parents about having kids when ready.

  1. Age

If you are too young, don’t have kids

Adolescent pregnancy can cause a high chance of mother’s death and a chance of low birth weight. The proper age for pregnancy is between 21-30 years old.

  1. Time

Love traveling and a freedom life, don’t have kids

If you have kids, you won’t have time to travel. Even when you kids are sleeping, you may need to do housework. You also need to spend time to educate and teach your kids, and give them love.

  1. Money

Have debt, unable to make a living, don’t have kids

If you don’t have enough money to cover your debts each month, you should postpone the idea of having kids. To have a kid, there will be lots of expenses like antenatal fee, maternity fee, diapers, etc. So, having a reserve of money for emergencies is very important.

  1. Emotional maturity 

If you’re short tempered, don’t have kids

Patience is very necessary. You have to carry a burden for having kids. You need to stand their screams and all dramas. Screaming at your kids is not a good solution as they wouldn’t understand what they did wrong.

  1. Knowledge 

If you don’t have information, don’t have kids

Diets, pregnancy symptoms, self-care, how to enhance your kid’s development, reliable article or website, doctor consultation for theory and practice, you need to make sure what right or wrong information is. Because raising a kid for each parent is different. So, you must adapt your own ways in order to have kids when ready.

  1. Behavior 

Can’t be a role model, don’t have kids

Apart from educating, listening to, and giving your kids advice, you need to be a role model because you kids will imitate you.

Finally, the reminder of having children when ready is “Don’t have kids for your good future, you’d better have kids and raise them to give your kids a good future.”

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