Can pregnant women go to the dentist?

The health of dental, gum, and oral is an important thing people shouldn’t neglect even during pregnancy. Many women might be worried if they could go to the dentist while pregnant. Today, Nuvo Life Care will give you an answer.

The answer is “Yes, they can”. However, it depends on the dentist’s consideration whether the patient can get dental care now or they can still wait.

For example, tooth decay, gingivitis, tooth extraction, filling, root canal treatment, or gum treatment can be done. But the dentist needs to make sure to use anesthesia and x-ray safely and properly for the gestational age of the pregnant patient.

However, doing orthodontics and tooth whitening for beauty purposes can be done, but it is best to wait until after childbirth as people doing orthodontics need to take special care of their teeth. There could be any risk later. 

For tooth whitening, it’s not dangerous, but it might be inconvenient for pregnant women during the last trimester while receiving procedures. Or visiting a dental facility may increase the risk of accidents for the mother and the baby.

So, before getting dental treatment, it is best to consider safety and necessity. If it’s unnecessary, we recommend pregnant women to wait. 

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