Overstress in female cause infertility?!

‘Stress’ not only has a negative effect on mental health, but it is also one of the reasons causing difficulty in having children!

Hormones caused by stress can interfere with the hormones in the reproductive system, resulting in anovulation that will cause the egg not to fully grow. It also makes it harder for a fertilized egg to implant in the endometrium.

Moreover, stress also affects menstruation causing changes in the secretion of female sex hormones, whether it’s the hormone estrogen and progesterone. When important hormonal conditions change, it causes irregular period.

When menstruation is irregular, it shows that there is likely to be a problem with the function of the ovaries. It may cause infrequent ovulation or ovulation earlier than usual resulting in menstruation coming later or faster than usual. It may lead to the cause of infertility.

So, knowing that you are stressed, it is advisable to find activities that create relaxation, such as exercise, yoga, etc. If it does not improve, hurry to consult a doctor to find a treatment.

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