‘Dark chocolate’ can nourish sperm!

Sweets that you are familiar with like chocolate are good for the circulatory system in the body and can make you feel happy and relaxed. Another feature of chocolate is that it helps increase the energy for men.

Chocolate is made from antioxidant-rich cocoa beans. It helps the circulatory system work well, makes the sperm swim quickly, and helps to ejaculate more semen.

“Dark Chocolate” is a direct nourishment for the sperm. It helps increase sperm production because in dark chocolate, there is an enzyme called L-Arginine, which has properties to help increase sperm count. Increase the chances of having children.

In addition, dark chocolate is also rich in methylxanthines which can stimulate sexual desire and rich in phenylethylamine that stimulates excitement and increases sexual arousal. It also helps to make sexual activity feel better.

Although it is a food that is easy to eat but do not forget to consider the amount and appropriateness of eating.

For men who don’t eat chocolate or control their weight, you can take vitamins that contain L-Arginine to help maintain sperm quality instead.

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