Older women are more likely to conceive twins?

You are getting older and planning for children. Many women might think that twins are the right answer for them. Is it possible to have twins at this age?

Is it true that older women are more likely to conceive twins? The answer is yes!

Older women are able to conceive twins both naturally and by using assisted reproductive technology. The chance will even get higher when reaching the 40s. Moreover, pregnancy with twins in older women has less chance of complications and a higher chance of successful pregnancy than younger women.

On the other hand, older women have more chance of preterm birth. However, the still birth rate does not increase and the survival rate of newborn is even higher than in younger women.

So, if any woman just realizes you want children or twins, but you are getting older, we suggest you start taking care of yourself now. Take some supplements and prepare your body. Then, seek a consultation with a doctor to plan your pregnancy.

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