Get to know ‘Estrogen Hormone’, the love hormone of women

People are often led by their instincts or internal drives. They always attract each other with sex hormones (Estrogen) as a push.

It is called the ‘love hormone’ because this hormone will release an attraction towards the opposite sex and increase the sex drive of women.

When people have their desires, the body will release estrogen hormone which will later stimulate the chemicals of happiness in the brain to determine the actions and satisfy their own needs.

Estrogen is produced in women ovaries. It helps the systems in the body work together in harmony. It enhances and controls the female reproductive system, including physical appearance, for example, skin moisture, chest, hips, etc. Also, it plays a significant role in emotions.

The level of estrogen depends on each menstrual cycle. It’ll prepare the endometrium thickness to be ready for possible fertilized egg. It also helps nourish the fetus in the womb.

If there is no embryo implantation, the uterus will shed the inner lining of blood, and tissue from the uterus will come out as blood. When menstruation stops, the level of estrogen will decrease. It is so-called ‘menopause’. It will result in hot flashes and mood swings



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