Unexplained infertility can be cured!

Lots of people who have experienced infertility may do a search on this problem. It is obvious that infertility can be caused by both men and women, which have a similar percentage.

But do you know? 10% of people are experiencing infertility without knowing the reason. They do not know how they are infertile.

“Unexplained Infertility” can be found in 10% of married couples who have a consultation. After proceeding with examination for both men and women, it appears that the cause cannot be identified.  

For this group of people, a doctor will suggest proceeding with medical treatment, starting with the IUI procedure. If IUI does not succeed (depending on the individual condition), the doctor will later suggest ICSI.

However, although the cause cannot be found, it doesn’t mean it cannot be cured. Unexplained infertility can be treated using modern assisted reproductive technology.

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