A sunscreen for pregnant women, safe for mothers and babies

Because of the sudden change of hormones, the skins of pregnant women become sensitive to the sunlight. Choosing sunscreen becomes complicated as you must choose products that are gentle and harmless to yourself and your baby.

These problems will be completely gone because of My Dear Mom Organic Sunscreen Essence, a concentrated sunscreen specially made for pregnant women. There is no worry about allergy and residue.

The sunscreen is made from natural extracts selected for the most effective result. Also, it does not contain any substances causing irritation.

  Protect from sunlight and light from computer screens

  Contain no paraben, perfume, or alcohol

  Leave no residue and chemicals


  Light cream texture, quickly absorbed, not sticky

More importantly, the product is dermatologically tested and has already been tested by sample users. It is safe for pregnant mothers and people with sensitive or normal skin.

Walking out of the house and wander on the beach freely. Show your skin against the sun. Only 790 THB per bottle.


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