‘Lubricant gel’ reduces a chance of conceiving!

Although a lubricant gel is one of the options that help sexual activity go smoothly. Meanwhile, it doesn’t help people conceive easier.

Some lubricant gels are harmful to sperm!!

It can cause abnormal sperm morphology, make it hard for sperm to fertilize with the egg, and most sperm die on the vulva.

Moreover, a lubricant gel can obstruct the vaginal mucus function, causing difficulty in fertilization between sperm and a woman’s egg.

But it doesn’t happen to all lubricant gels. Some lubricant gels are harmless to sperm and some even positively impact sperm. So, before buying one, you should get an advice from a doctor or a pharmacist and search for information.

Reference: www.rama.mahidol.ac.th/atrama/issue017/believe-it-or-not

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