Having sex everyday increases a chance of conceiving!

Who would’ve believed that having sex every day actually increases the chance of conceiving?

Sure, releasing sperm is better than holding it for long. A man with poor sperm can improve his sperm by ejaculating it regularly. So, having sex every day can increase the chance of conceiving.

Although it can increase the chance of conceiving, it also increases stress and decreases sperm quality.

Normally, the suggestion says having sex every other day or once every 2-3 days will increase more chance of conceiving as the sperm ejaculated will be stronger and can swim through the end. But! Do not be so hard on yourself otherwise, it’d turn out bad.

If you’ve been having sex every day but your wife still hasn’t conceived, we suggest you see a specialist doctor to find a treatment because the real problem might not be the ovulation calculation or sex frequency, it may be caused by other reasons.

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