5 Facial exercises to look younger

You can easily take care of your skin while you’re at home. Let’s take a break from your phone and do some facial exercises.

Here are 5 self-facial exercises to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles from stress and fatigue, and bring back smoothness to the skin. You can follow these steps.

  1. Cheek and Under eye exercise- Put your both hands on the cheekbones horizontally. Gently press your hands on the skin to relax the muscles and then massage it. Count 1-5 and relieve your hands. Repeat 3-5 times.

  1. Forehead fine-tuning- Put your thumbs on the cheekbones and index fingers on the eyebrow line. Raise your eyebrows. Slowly pull down your index fingers and hold for 2 seconds. Be careful not to wrinkle your forehead. Repeat 3 times.

  1. Face tightening – Use the back of your fingertips to rub the facial skin from the tip of the chin and slowly push it up to your temples. Hold for one minute. It’ll tighten your face and prevent sagging. You can do the step and use facial cream every morning and before bed.

  1. Facial exercises for forehead wrinkles – Put your index finger and middle finger on the forehead. Move your fingers apart on the sides of your forehead. Repeat it gently to boost blood flow around the forehead. It’s the area having the most wrinkles.

  1. Cheek wrinkles reducing – It’s an area where wrinkles and cheek lines appear and make you look older. Smile at the corners of your mouth, then use your index finger to press down on both ends of your mouth. Hold for 15 seconds and then release your finger. Then make an O-shaped mouth or a pouting mouth. Take turns. Repeat 15-30 times.

Apart from facial skin, do not forget to nourish your body from the inside with a vitamin containing antioxidants like Asra Pro. We guarantee you that your worn-out skin will be back to smooth and cheerful. You will smile for the next day.

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