Losing confidence over oily hair. What to do?

Oily hair always makes you lose your confidence. Have you ever wondered what are the reasons? Today, we’ll seek the answers and tips for oily hair remedies.

The reason for oily hair is that the sebaceous glands on the scalp produce natural fat called ‘Sebum’ to moisten hair and scalp.

The overproduction of sebum causes oily hair and other scalp problems such as clogged pores, acne, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Moreover, genetics, hormones, period, pregnancy, and washing hair too often or rarely washing hair are also factors causing oily hair. 

Any solutions for oily hair?

  1. Do not wash your hair every day or rarely wash your hair. Wash your hair 2-3 times / week
  2. Avoid touching your hair with your hands. Dirtiness on your hands will stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. Brush your hair only when necessary.
  3. Wash your hair properly. Start from the hair root and scalp. Massage your scalp using fingertips and wash out shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. Do not apply shampoo directly on your hair tips. Let water flow while washing your hair. Do not use your nails to scratch your head harshly.
  4. Use products containing natural extracts. It’ll reduce excess oil on your hair and make your hair smooth.

MY DEAR MOM – BIOTIN SHAMPOO ORGANIC HAIR CARE is a gentle shampoo for the scalp and hair. It has a mild surfactant that makes creamy foam and won’t cause dry hair. It contains several natural extracts such as Ginseng Extract, Biotin, Vitamin B3, Organic Argan Oil, etc. 

It reduces hair loss, removes dandruff, controls oiliness, and strengthens hair. Your hair will have no frizz, be easy to style, and smell nice with the scent of bergamot and fresh orange.

Now your oily hair problem will be gone.

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