How much hair loss is abnormal?

How boring! My hair falls again. Hair loss problem becomes a common issue for many households. But how much hair loss is abnormal?

For people who wash their hair often or every day, it is normal for people to lose about 70–100 hairs each day. For people who wash their hair once in 3-4 days may lose more than 200 hairs.

Hair falling out while washing and drying in a few amounts are considered normal. If hair falls out in more significant amounts than usual, over 70–100 hairs each day, it is not normal. For example, hairs on the pillow after waking up, or hail falling while eating, cooking, and working, etc.

How to stop hair loss

Eat 5 food groups and focus on taking vitamins for hair nourishment. Also, choosing a shampoo containing Vitamin B3, Vitamin B7 (Biotin), and Vitamin B12 is an option for hair prevention and hair nourishment.

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